Refrigerated Containers For Hire

With temperatures ranging between -35°c to +30°c, Spacewise refrigerated containers are perfect for storing a wide range of products, from food and drink, to pharmaceutical goods and samples, to high value temperature sensitive inventories.

Hire 10ft Portable Refrigerated Containers

Despite being the smallest fridge in our range, our 10ft portable units offer a large amount of storage space, yet are compact enough to fit on a standard parking space.

Hire 20ft Portable Refrigerated Fridges

Designed to protect temperature-sensitive/perishable goods, our 20ft units can be used for a range of purposes, from storing vegetables and poultry to sensitive equipment.

Hire 40ft Portable Cold Units

The 40ft model is the largest in our range of portable fridges and is ideal for securely storing large volumes of product on-site.

The Advantages of On-Site Fridges

Our storage units offer all the benefits of conventional shipping containers (strength, durability and mobility) whilst including the enhanced characteristics of precise temperature controls.

Portable Fridge Hire for Medicine

We understand the importance of the integrity of the products that are being stored within our portable fridges, which is why our units can be fitted with a remote monitoring system.

Portable Fridge Hire for Events

We have been involved in supplying containers for a wide range of events; from single-unit hire for festivals, through to full management of storage requirements for international events.

Portable Fridge Hire for Frozen Food

Spacewise units are designed to securely store frozen food including; vegetables, fish, meat, fruit, dairy, wine, soft drinks and beer.

Portable Fridge Hire for Dairy Products

Spacewise portable fridges are food and pharmaceutical grade, as such they are perfectly designed to securely store dairy products and various other perishable goods on-location.

Top 10 Uses for Portable Reefers

Compact and portable fridges are a perfect example of an asset that can create benefits far beyond any initial cost, while at the same time having the twin advantages of availability and practicality.

Short Term Portable Fridge Hire

We provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional storage with bespoke rental terms that are designed to help you remain comfortably within budget.

Long Term Portable Fridge Hire

From small local businesses to corporate giants, our team is experienced in working with a wide range of companies across the UK.

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